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Vietnam Web Sites

PBS site includes a timeline of events, maps, primary sources, and bios on key figures in the war. Also has a teacher’s guide.

Very good page for getting a good factual and event overview of the war. Nicely put together, detailed info. Also has some primary sources/documents.

12bet手机版首页 An extensive timeline of the Vietnam War and the politics surrounding it from 1930-present. A good place to obtain factual knowledge about specific events, groups, and individuals.

Another well done PBS site; it contains background information on the Vietnam War, first-hand stories of veterans, an index, and a search function.

This page features four primary source audio clips from conversations of Johnson and high-level officials regarding the Vietnam War.

A large collection of topics including political and military figures, issues, events, organizations, and links to more sites. Clicking on a link for a particular subject leads to a separate page with detailed information. This is a very good collection of factual information.

12bet手机版首页 Under the “history” tab there is a superb and very extensive collection of well-written information that deals with many topics in-depth. The site’s coverage spans from the earliest history of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people to the present. There’s also a collection of photos.

12bet手机版首页 A primary source document (authored by Tom Hayden of SDS) explains some of the reasoning behind the protest and revolts against the war and government/culture in general. Also discusses the role of race and civil rights during the period. Published by History Matters, an online US History survey course by George Mason University.

Vietnam Peace War March, MLK Leads Procession (YouTube)

12bet手机版首页 A large collection of statistics compiled from a variety of credible sources

12bet手机版首页 Discusses guerrilla war movements in Vietnam, Afghanistan and elsewhere

12bet手机版首页 A companion to the PBS video program, this site features a brief historical introduction, a battlefield timeline, an expose on guerrilla tactics, a look at the siege of Khe Sanh, and other resources

Follow U.S. Ambassador and former P.O. W. Pete Peterson as he returns to the land of his captors on a mission of reconciliation, through interviews, research on Vietnam’s history before 1900, and investigation of an ambassador’s duties. PBS

These archives consist of a number of JPEGs and GIFs, MIDI sequences and RealAudio clips

Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, Activities and more

12bet手机版首页 A variety of classroom activities that take advantage of PBS’s Vietnam Online site in four different categories: History, Civics, Geography and Culture.

The curriculum covers six modules: Escalating Involvement in the Vietnam War, Conflict on the Home Front, Those Who Served, The Vietnamese and Vietnam, The Wall as Healer and The Legacy of the Vietnam War. Lesson plans may be accessed through the Teachers’ Guide link on the Educators page.

Another PBS lesson plan on Vietnam based around video clips that are available online.

This SCORE (an alliance of web sites devoted to learning in California) guide provides some background information and student activities that teach about the Cold War. The main focus, however, is on the Truman Doctrine and the U.S. containment of Communism. The bulk of the page is a student exercise, with a “Teacher Guide” section in the top left corner.

A lesson plan on US/Vietnamese relations and history based around a video that can be ordered from PBS.

A WebQuest written by students from Heidelberg College for 10th grade students that guides students through several web sites on the Vietnam war.