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Native American History Web Sites

A comprehensive site for Native American studies

12bet手机版首页 Many categories of links from WWW Virtual Library — American Indians

12bet手机版首页 The National Park Service asked the Society for American Archaeology to lead an initiative to nominate archeological sites as National Historic Landmarks. This website highlights historic contexts related to Early American archeological sites for regions east of the Mississippi.

12bet手机版首页 Provides a geographic overview of First Nation (Indian) histories as well as a location list of native tribes in the United States and Canada. Has a search function as well.

This project was begun in 1992 by Prof. E.A. Schwartz to develop methods for making documents of federal Indian policy history accessible by computer. This site includes a number of indexes and explanatory articles as well as a search engine.

The Native American Links is a collection of Native American literature, history, and art resources; this anthology has been designed for college-level world cultures or civilizations courses, but is meant as a resource for educators and individuals of all levels.

A worthwhile supplement to Ken Burn’s documentary. Has a timeline, glossary, biographies, a photo gallery, maps, documents, and more. A great general site on the West and Native Americans in the West

12bet手机版首页 West Web is a topically organized site that offers an introduction to the era, primary and secondary sources, teaching guides, images, links to related sites, biographies, and bibliographical resources

Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, Activities, and more

This lesson plan focuses on the conflicts that arise between Native Americans and American citizens. Students will research how each group views the land and how cultural conflict is not confined to the United States. This is a PBS lesson plan intended for middle school students. PBS recommends the purchase of the film A Falconer’s Memoir to go along with the plan.

12bet手机版首页 The LOC has provided this lesson plan that centers on reservation controversies. The lesson plan lets students discover how hard it is to define certain terms and how these terms are often the source of conflict.

12bet手机版首页 In this New York Times lesson, students will examine what they know about American Indians past and present, then research key issues facing American Indian tribes today. To synthesize their learning, students will write letters taking the perspective of an American Indian examining questions of tribe recognition.(November 25, 2002)

12bet手机版首页 In this middle school lesson students will study Native Americans in order to become familiar with the contributions to and influences on American society particularly, but not exclusively, in the Western region of the United States. This lesson will focus on some of the cultural history, writings and symbols of the southwestern tribes. After researching, studying and comparing the differences among the various tribes in small groups, students will produce individual reports about a specific Native American perspective.